The Catholic University of America

Delta Theta Phi Hughes Senate

Winner of the National Outstanding Senate Award 2000 and 2002
Thinking about joining a law fraternity?????

Here are 8 Great Reasons to Join DTP:

1.) It's a great resume builder!
When you graduate, what is going to set you apart from all of the other J.D. graduates? Join DTP and have some solid leadership experience to add to your resume. (One of the hiring attorneys might even be a DTP alum!)

2.) The professional connections are invaluable.
DTP has three major ways to help you on your career path: (1) we hold a networking event with DTP alumni from the D.C. metro area every year. Since we are the only chapter around, this networking event provides major opportunities to find internships; (2) we will be sending out a book of DTP member resumes to all of our alumni, showcasing the academic talent that our DTP chapter has to offer potential employers; and (3) 1Ls looking for future internships may be connected through current DTP members who are leaving theirs-- a little nepotism can go a long way!!!

3.) DTP can help you with your classes.
Our members are involved in nearly every club/organization on campus (including Journals, BARBRI, SPIL, Teaching Assistantships…); they're great resources to ask about teachers, classes, etc.! In addition to having our "1L Survival Guide" seminar every fall, we also provide a comprehensive outline bank to all of our members.

4.) Get initiated to DTP and Sworn in for the Bar at the Supreme Court!
DTP offers the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the Supreme Court. Initiation is an event to remember! Also, after passing the Bar, DTP alumni have the option to be sworn into the Bar at the Supreme Court!

5.) The personal connections you will gain will be priceless!
CUA's DTP chapter is smaller in size, allowing: (1) the chance to get to know each member individually; (2) greater opportunities for a wide range of social activities; and (3) a closely-knit big/little (mentor/mentee) program for all incoming 1L members.

6.) Have an opportunity to help the DC community...
DTP takes part in numerous volunteer activities. This year we have already held a school supplies drive for a needy school in the area! Look for our annual blood drive, and numerous fundraisers on the horizon!!!

7.) Become involved on campus...
There is more to do in law school than study!!! (We promise!) Join DTP and become an active member of CUA Law's community; become more acquainted with students in other years, the faculty, and get the most out of your law school experience!

8.) DTP is a minimal time commitment.
We believe that you will get out of DTP what you put into it! So put in as little or as much time as you have to spare!

Dues ($80) are only collected once during the entire time you are in law school— the fee includes a t-shirt, certificate, initiation fees, initiation pin, and social activities!

Membership applications can be picked up from our bulletin board in the cafeteria anytime!

Upcoming Events

1L Survival Guide
Wednesday, November 30th
7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Room 205



Executive Board

Adreanna Orlang

Dan Morelli

Marissa Boyce

Katharine Mason
Clerk of the Rolls

Chanelle Blackie
Clerk of the Exchequer

Kelsey Guyselman
Master of the Ritual

Leah Quaile

Adam McMahon

Sarah Conkright
3L Representative

Iyen Acosta
2L Representative